Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leetol Miss Joyce is saying goodbye!

Leetol Miss Joyce's vanity posts will now be included in her more general personal blog The Joyce of Living.

I don't think I can still manage a fashion blog on top of my other blog, so I decided to post my fashion and beauty tips thoughts and musings there.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Leetol Miss Joyce's latest fashion pet peeve

I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to clothes. I'm the type who'd just live and let live whenever I see something outrageous on the streets/school hallways. However, there are just a few things in life I don't understand. Are humans still evolving, and is bad taste in fashion part of it?

I could've mistaken that for your underwear

Today's Special: Shorts with the pockets showing.

Am I the only ones to notice how hideous these things are? Isn't this considered a faux-pas anymore? Honestly, this look has been around for about 3 years now, and all this time I've been waiting for the trend to just hang itself and die. But no~

 Are these supposed to be sexy? Am I missing something important here?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on denim cutoffs. I've worn denim cutoffs a thousand times in my heyday. I'm a big DIY fag and it's the only way I could wear those hideous hand-me-down denim jeans from my grandmother. I'd cut them up a few inches below the rise and I would forget to hem them on purpose so that it would fray and get shorter and shorter with every laundry day. I considered those shorts disposable. Ahhh, good times.
If you don't think these are hideous, something is really wrong with the world.

BUT. THOSE POCKETS. No matter how short my cutoffs got I always remembered to tuck/ trim and sew the pockets in. It's actually a sign of when I have to throw them out -- when half the pocket flap is already showing. I don't know what these kids are thinking, but there is nothing pretty about showing pocket flaps on purpose.

Whenever I see these on the streets, my scissors itch to cut a hole on the pocket flap so that whatever change they have in there would fall out. Oh, I forgot, it's fashion faux pas to put anything in your pockets (they bulk up your silhouette, so they say. WTF are pockets for now???)

L: Check out how the rips were strategically placed to reveal the 
pocket. R: Printed pocket flaps!

Who invented these things? I'm guessing it's some high fashion casual wear designer from a collection I missed (Wang?) Please tell me so I can give him a serious beating.


Not only can you achieve the look with some old jeans and a pair of kitchen shears, but wanting those pockets in particular is beyond me. Why would anyone want to buy these things??? WHY???

All photos from  but I was nice enough to crop and not reveal their faces.

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